This is a wrapper for the RFsimulate function in the RandomFields package. The main addition is the speedup argument which allows for faster map generation. A speedup of 1 is normal and will get progressively faster as the number increases, at the expense of coarser pixel resolution of the pattern generated.

gaussMap(x, scale = 10, var = 1, speedup = 1, inMemory = FALSE, ...)



A spatial object (e.g., a RasterLayer).


The spatial scale in map units of the Gaussian pattern.


Spatial variance.


An numeric value indicating how much faster than 'normal' to generate maps. It may be necessary to give a value larger than 1 for large maps. Default is 1.


Should the RasterLayer be forced to be in memory? Default FALSE.


Additional arguments to raster.


A raster map with same extent as x, with a Gaussian random pattern.

See also

RFsimulate and extent


## Not run: ------------------------------------ # library(RandomFields) # library(raster) # nx <- ny <- 100L # r <- raster(nrows = ny, ncols = nx, xmn = -nx/2, xmx = nx/2, ymn = -ny/2, ymx = ny/2) # speedup <- max(1, nx/5e2) # map1 <- gaussMap(r, scale = 300, var = 0.03, speedup = speedup, inMemory = TRUE) # Plot(map1) ## ---------------------------------------------