version 0.3.0 Unreleased

New features

  • splitRaster defaults to in-memory rasters when no file path specified (#47, @ianmseddy).

Removed features

  • Previously deprecated functions removed to fix CRAN check WARNINGs. These are now located in the reproducible package.

version 0.2.0 2018-06-18

New features

  • new arguments added to gaussMap (#20, @ianmseddy).
  • move fastMask to reproducible package

Deprecated functions

  • fastCrop(): raster::crop is faster than velox::crop under many tests.
  • fastMask(): moved to the reproducible package.

Bug fixes

  • minor bugfixes (spread2)
  • minor test fixes.

Dependency changes

  • dplyr and mgcv added to Suggests because they are used in tests.

version 0.1.1 2018-02-01

  • add more detailed information to package Description, per CRAN.
  • add randomPolygon function for single random polygon.
  • speed improvements with spread2 when asymmetry used.
  • minor bugfixes.

version 0.1.0 2017-08-12

  • A new package, which takes all auxillary modelling functions out of the SpaDES package: