All functions

Fast `adjacent` function, and Just In Time compiled version

Identify pixels in a circle or ring (donut) around an object.

This is a very fast version of cir with allowOverlap = TRUE, allowDuplicates = FALSE,


Rcpp duplicated on integers using Rcpp Sugar

Extract files from archive.


Faster operations on rasters

Produce a

Heading between spatial points.


Test whether a number lies within range

A faster '%in%' based on fastmatch package

Patch size

Download and optionally reproject, crop, mask raw data and output module


Convert reduced representation to full raster

Rcpp Sugar version of runif

Adapted directly from the

Identifies all cells within a ring around the focal cells


SELES - Number of Agents to initiate



Categorized overview of the

Initiate a specific number of agents in a map of patches

Split and re-merge RasterLayer(s)

Identify outward radiating spokes from initial points

Simulate a spread process on a landscape.

Simulate a contagious spread process on a landscape, with data.table internals

Wrap coordinates or pixels in a torus-like fashion